Consulate General of Denmark in New York

"The Jungle of Ears and Tongues" Installation & Performance by Henrik Vibskov

12:00 PM – 12:20 PM

An artistic modular fashion installation by Henrik Vibskov exhibiting fluidity, identity, livability and self-expression through fashion.

"The Jungle of Ears and Tongues" is an installation of wood and paper created by world-renowned Danish Artist Henrik Vibskov to frame the engagements of the Citizen Sustainability Summit.

The installation is made up of folded, flower-like, paper objects that visualize a brightly colored jungle, inspired by the shapes of tongues and ears.

The shapes are symbolic references to the essence of the summit - inspiring visitors to listen and to create a dialogue around the themes of sustainability, livability and inclusivity.

The artistic “Slow Gym” performance by Henrik Vibskov inspires survival, strength and mental agility with a call to activate as stewards of this planet. Evoked upon by a synthesizer and surreal line xylophone, fashioned activists settle their hurried minds and anxious bodies into a calm intentional motion, conditioning the mind and body to begin the heavy lifting of fixing the mistakes of convenience towards healing our living and breathing earth. Audience will engage and connect to a mindful discipline that asks all of us to meet the everyday challenges ahead with stamina and endurance towards a better future.

The creations are brought to life in collaboration with students and faculty of Parsons School of Design.