The High Line Network

Session 11: Embedding Equity in Public Spaces

2:00-3:15PM (Attendees access from 1:45PM)

When the High Line opened in 2009, community leaders across the world saw a new way of looking at abandoned and underutilized infrastructure - as assets, rather than burdens. A historic elevated rail in New York City had been saved from demolition and repurposed as a public space in the sky. Since then, over 62 million visitors have enjoyed the High Line.

Now is your chance to visit or revisit the beautiful park for the Citizen Sustainability Summit on Wednesday September 21 at 2:00-3:15pm, when the High Line will host the session ‘Embedding Equity in Public Spaces’.

How can public spaces build equity and inclusivity into their work? When and how do you start? Join four innovative public space advocates and leaders as they share their journeys and lessons learned.


Speakers, Keynotes & Participants

Mauricio Garcia, Chief Program & Engagement Officer, the High Line Network
Rosa Chang, President, Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan
Vaughn Perry, Director of Equity, 11th Street Bridge Park


Asima Jansveld, Managing Director, the High Line Network

Program Host