UIA - World Congress of Architects

Session 9: Let’s Talk Architecture & Partnerships of Change

10:00-10:45AM (Attendees access from 9:30AM)

‘Design for Partnerships of Change’ happens when we collaboratively work towards peace, social justice and a sustainable future with strong coalitions. Implementing changes requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. 

‘Let’s Talk Architecture and Partnerships of Change’ questions, through a cross-cultural dialogue, how architecture and the built environment can encourage such partnerships, the agency they embody and the results they can achieve. 


Speakers, Keynotes & Participants

Julia D. Day, Architect, Gehl Architects 
Ifeoma Ebo, Urban Designer & Founding Partner, Creative Urban Alchemy
Sinus Lynge, Architect & Partner, EFFEKT
Benjamin Prosky, Executive Director, AIANY


Michael Booth, Independent Journalist 

Program Hosts


Program Partners