Consulate General of Denmark in New York

Session 6: Sustainable Food: How alternative food production and consumption can combat climate change

11:15-12:30AM (Attendees access from 11:00AM)

The meat and agricultural industries are major contributors to GHG emissions, and changing current food practices is an important step towards combating climate change. 

Meet the leaders of the future of alternative food and learn the new and innovative techniques in food production that can have a positive impact on the environment.

Attendees will hear a fireside chat about alternative proteins, followed by a panel discussion of leading voices in Nordic FoodTech working with alternative fats, dairy products, and beyond.


Speakers, keynotes &
His Royal Highness, The Crown Prince of Denmark
Morten Rasmussen, Executive Vice President, Novozymes
Annette Granéli, 
CEO & Co-Founder, Green-on
Kristin Holme, Senior Project Manager, Food Nation
Henrik Lund, CEO, Naturli
Erlend Sild, CEO & Co-Founder, BugBox
Lise Walbom,
 CEO, Food Nation

Analisa Winther, Host, Nordic FoodTech Podcast

Program Hosts



Photo: Food Nation // Niels Hougaard