City of Copenhagen

Session 8: The Value of Citizen Engagement in Resilient Urban Planning

3:30-5:00PM (Attendees access from 3:15PM)

The program session will focus on how to engage citizens in creating resilient communities. A particular focus point will be the long running collaboration between New York City and the City of Copenhagen regarding climate change adaption. 

The climate is changing and it is threatening cities all around the world. We need to develop new ways of planning in cities so that to face the challenges of more extreme weather. This will be changing the way we see our cities in the coming decades, we not only need to look at the physical aspects, but also engage local communities in the development of resilient neighbourhoods.

This session seeks to explore how we can do that by inspiring conversations with a group of key stakeholders.


Speakers, Keynotes & Participants

Amy Chester, Managing Director, Rebuild by Design
Camilla van Deurs, City Architect, Copenhagen
Erika Jozwiak, Program Manager, Infrastructure, NYC Mayor’s Office of Resiliency
Laura Jay, Regional Director for North America, C40 Cities
Preeti Sodhi, Director of Community Engagement, High Line
Kizzy Charles-Guzman, NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice

 Jesper Nygård, CEO, Realdania


Seth Schultz,
CEO, Resilient Rising

Program Host