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Session 3: Green Jobs and Renewable Energy: Low Carbon, High Employment

2:15-3:00PM (Attendees access from 2:00PM)

With the enormous potential to expand renewable energy, the global energy sector is currently undergoing a period of rapid changes to decarbonize our society. And at the same time the transition to renewables is boosting employment opportunities worldwide.

The demand for people working in the offshore wind industry alone is expected to triple by the end of this decade. It is a potential that is unfolding many places – such as New York City. Attracting a growing and usually very space consuming offshore wind industry to the biggest city in the U.S. may not seem obvious. But the offshore wind industry is playing an important role in the city's move to clean energy over the coming decades.

New York is looking to create well paid jobs by investing in infrastructure, supply chains, and not least in people. And the city is well underway.

This debate will highlight and discuss the potential of job creation in a increasingly decarbonized society with a special focus on the growing offshore wind industry in New York. What initiatives are the city taking to attract the evolving industry, what does it take to get the right people and potentially addressing the misalignments between job losses and gains during the energy transition, and how does the offshore industry itself look at the potential and pitfalls.


Speakers, Keynotes & Participants

Ingrid Reumert, SVP Group Stakeholder Relations, Ørsted
Michael Simmelsgaard, Group Chief Operating Officer, Rambøll Group
Sam Jung, Assistant Vice President for the Smart and Sustainable Cities Team, New York City Economic Development Corporation
Mike Fishman, President & Executive Director, Climate Jobs National Resource Center

Brian Kahn, Climate Editor, Protocol

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