Danish Game Changers

Get ready for creativity, talent, and passion for gaming, as the Danish game companies showcase their impact on the global gaming industry

We proudly present 22 uniques companies, with a modern approach to game development. These Danish gaming scene is coming to San Francisco in March 2023, and they are interested in meeting like-minded industry stakeholders.

Sorted A-Z

Bedtime Digital

  • Bedtime Digital Games  

    Bedtime Digital Games

    Bedtime Digital Games is an an independent and award-winning studio, based in northern Denmark. They started out with the surreal puzzler "Back to Bed" and have since published two other titles.

    They are known for creating surreal visuals and musical adventures.

    Meet CEO Klaus Pedersen at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Bird Island/Portaplay  

    Bird Island/Portaplay

    Bird Island / Portaplay are the proud developers of the multi award-winning titles 'Gerda: a Flame in Winter' and 'Broken Lines'.

    They develop games inspired by real-life themes and history and specialize in RPG/adventure hybrids, with tactical decision making and rogue-lite elements that excel in accessibility, replayability, atmosphere and storytelling.

    Meet CEO Hans von Knut Skovfoged at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Character Localizations  

    Character Localizations

    Character Localization Aps help games and apps go global and brands build trust through specialized localization for fellow gamers everywhere.

    Now part of ECI Games, they are at GDC to present their newest offers on localization, LQA and marketing worldwide.

    Meet Renée Jessen, CEO. Mads Johannes Nielsen, Business Developer, at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Eddaheim  


    Eddaheim is fast growing into a Nordic powerhouse for digital entertainment.

    They are Copenhagen-based artists and tech geeks with hearts beating for stories.

    They work with Unreal Engine, full performance capture and virtual production to make the stories come alive.

    Games featured at GDC include
    Neon Knights: Humanity Erased, a sci-fi Nordic Noir game starring Lars Mikkelsen as well as an unannounced fantasy project.

    Meet William Wrede Elung-Jensen, Managing director, and Alexander Tange, Creative Director, at Denmark @GDC.

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  • Fair Games  

    Fair Games

    Fair Games is a small one-man game company with the goal of creating fun and exciting game experiences.

    They are currently working on their first indie title, Necesse, which is out on Steam Early Access.

    Meet Mads Skovgaard, the CEO of Fair Games at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Flashbulb  


    Flashbulb Games' vision is to ignite the creative spark in everyone. They create games you play with- not just play. Games that gives players tools and environments to create their versions of fun.

    Meet Ole Teglbjærg, Head of Production, at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Funday Games  

    Funday Games

    Funday Games is a studio of of 45+ people focused on launching fun and social games across platforms and create breakthrough titles that bring people together.

    They have 11 years of experience building world-class games with both our own IPs and for global partners like LEGO, Snapchat and SYBO Games. They are currently building cross-platform games for Apple Arcade on the Subway Surfers IP and building our new Funday IP with the co-op game titled "Don't Die in the West", launching on Steam Early Access in the fall.

    Meet Kristian Bang Nørgaard, CEO  Emil Kjæhr, Head of Product
    Jeppe König, Head of Publishing
    and Emil Stidsholt, Head of Marketing, at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Ghost Ship Games  

    Ghost Ship Games

    Ghost Ship Games was founded in the spring of 2016 by six veteran game developers. Since then, they have grown to be a team of 32 people, including both industry veterans and up-and-coming developers.

    Meet CEO Søren Lundgaard,
    CCO Mikkel Martin Pederssen,
    Publishing Manager Alexandar Skronski and Lead Designer Mike Akopyan at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Indium Play  

    Indium Play

    Indium Play is a female-led, boutique QA and playtesting studio. You can hire them in as your own QA team and pay as you go without the long contract or middle management fees.

    Their experienced QA leads are autonomous and can communicate like your team with guaranteed efficiency and actions tailored to your needs and a 'pay as you go' business model.

    Meet Dajana Dimovska, CEO or Yiota Bouboureka, Chief Business Strategist, at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Indoor Sunglasses  

    Indoor Sunglasses

    Indoor Sunglasses is a new 6-person studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, focused on mysteries and discoveries. They make thought-provoking games that nurture curiosity. Broadly accessible and deeply enriching

    Their game "Mind Diver" is a romantic detective adventure game, combining the thrill of discovery with the pain of a heartbreak.

    Meet Creative Director Victor Breum at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Invisible Walls  

    Invisible Walls

    Invisible Walls is an award-winning studio bringing you outstanding social strategy games. These are games that cater not to reflexes alone, but to great social interactions. Their games are as fun to watch as they are to play and include 'First Class Trouble' and 'Aporia: Beyond the Valley'.

    Meet CEO and Founder Niels Wetterberg at Denmark@GDC.

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  • IO Interactive  

    IO Interactive

    IO Interactive is a 25-year old, AAA independent game studio and the creators of HITMAN, Kane & Lynch, Mini Ninjas and Freedom Fighters.

    OI is currently working on Project 007, a AAA unannounced title, and continue to develop Glacier, which is their award-winning engine.

    Meet Christian Elverdam, Chief Creative Officer, Esben Rasmussen, Art Director, Marina Surdu, Senior Talent Acquisition, Lasse Bruun Hansen, Principal Game Designer, Andreas Philip Krogh, Senior Game Designer, and Joshua Smith, Lead Sound Designer, at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Kong Orange  

    Kong Orange

    Kong Orange is a game development studio that creates your digital quality time as entertaining game experiences which designed to stay with you for life.

    Kong Orange is behind Skullbeat, a successor to Felix The Reaper developed for Roblox as part of their game fund initiative. It's a multiplayer dance off, where Guitar Hero meets Hearthstone set in the world of Felix The Reaper. The game will be released on Roblox in beta following GDC.

    Meet Owner and Founder Esben Kjær Ravn at Deenmark@GDC.

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  • Nordisk Games  

    Nordisk Games

    Nordisk Games provides smart growth capital, strategic guidance and operational support for game development .

    Their mission is to fund, support and challenge the creators of the most fantastic form of entertainment ever devised by mankind and thereby create the best games in the world.

    Meet CEO Mikkel Weider at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Playdead  


    Playdead is an independent game developer and publisher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 2006 by game designer Arnt Jensen. Since then, they have made 'LIMBO' and 'INSIDE'. Today, we are a team of more than 50 creative professionals, coming from a broad range of exsperience and education. They are hard at work on bringing 'LIMBO' and Inside to more plkayers - and on making new games.

    Meet COO Mads Wibroe, Finance and Legal Officer Torben Sparre and Recruitment Officer Adam Jones at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Playwood Project  

    Playwood Project

    Playwood Project is a small game development studio located in Copenhagen. It was founded in 2014 by industry veteran Michael Rud Jakobsen. With a strong passion for art and gameplay, they seek to evolve the Wartile franchise with their new game Successor. Successor blends real-time and turn-based tactical elements to create a strategy adventure game in a charming tabletop style.

    Meet CEO Michael Rud Jacobsen at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Raw Power Games  

    Raw Power Games

    Raw Power Games is a newly founded, fast-growing game studio with the vision to integrate the film and game industry to create a new generation of immersive experiences.

    Meet COO Jakob Rasmussen at Denmark@GDC.

    Visit Raw Power at their home base
  • Sirenix IVS  

    Sirenix IVS

    Sirenix is a digital technology company creating only the best, top-of-the-line developer tools for content creators around the world.

    They specialize in improving project workflows and creating pipeline tools with an aim of technological excellence as well as quality and innovation across their work.

    Meet CEO Tor Vestergaard at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Slipgate Ironworks  

    Slipgate Ironworks

    Slipgate Ironworks is a game development studio located in Aalborg, Denmark.

    They team consists of industry veterans and young talent, having worked on both indie and AAA titles for the past two decades.

    Slipgate Ironworks is built on a strong foundation of veteran developers who all share the same vision: "We only work on games we’d play ourselves”.

    Meet Project Manager Brian Martin Nielsen at Denmark@GDC.

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  • SYBO  


    SYBO is a mobile games studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. With more than 150 employees from more than 50 different countries, the studio entertains around 25 million players daily.

    Subway Surfers remains their most known game title, with Jake, Tricky and the crew visiting a new city every three weeks on the game’s epic World Tour.

    More titles are live now and more in development. SYBO joined the Miniclip Family in 2022.

    Meet CEO Mathias Gredal Nørvig and COO David Byrne at Denmark@GDC.

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  • Tactile Games  

    Tactile Games

    Tactile Games is located in the heart of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The Tactile team believes the spirit of the city is infused in everything we do.

    Their dedication to finely crafted games with global appeal has resulted in highly successful titles like 'Lily's Garden', the 'Simon's cat' game series, and most recently, 'Penny & Flo'.

    They consider themselves not just at growing company, but also a growing family and has a strong focus on creating an open and amicable work environment.

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  • UDU  


    UDU is a game and tech startup making XR gaming accessible for the world's 2.5 billion mobile gamers.

    With the UDU CONSOLE, they have introduced a completely new way to play mobile games. An entire console as a handheld device that connects to smartphones or tablets and lets users touch, feel, and control the digital world.

    Combined with the UDU GAMES platform, users unlock a universe of new and exciting gaming experiences in the real world. 

    Meet Asbjørn Høj Christensen, CEO and Founder, at Denmark@GDC.

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